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Culture Wars 9-23-10

Ernabel and Barna are back for a new season!
Hear them talk to author Joelle Charbonneau about her new book, "Skating Around the Law," and how it's shaking up the world of the cozy mysteries.
Plus, pot ice cream, the Tea Party, and flaming bulls in Spain!

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Ending Our Season With Rock 'N' Roll!

Barna and Ernabel welcome guest Salman Ahmad, founder of Junoon, the most successful rock band in South Asia. Hear the discussion about art and music in the age of terrorism and check out his new book, "Rock 'N' Roll Jihad: A Rock Star's Revolution."

Plus, did an alien try and hijack a plane and what percent of people under 25 think it's ok to send text messages while having sex?

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Culture Wars 4-29-10

A culture war in Arizona! 
Barna and Ernabel welcome Arizona libertarian political advisor and activist Rick Biondi to discuss the new immigration law.  While more and more of the country is getting into the fray over the controversial new legislation, the former U.S. Senate candidate helps sort out the complex issues involved in illegal immigration.

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Culture Wars 4-22-10

Sex scandals and true crime!
Barna and Ernabel welcome guest Amanda Lamb, the journalist and true crime author whose new book, The Evil Next Door: The Untold Story of a Killer Undone by DNA was just released. Hear them discuss the process of investigating and writing true crime, and how the police cracked a case that shocked Raleigh, NC.

And sex scandals from the Vatican to college campuses. Where could the ongoing allegations of sex abuse lead the Catholic church?  Has a college journalist gone too far joking about date rape?  And has an Iranian cleric finally solved the mystery of predicting earthquakes?

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Culture Wars 4-8-10

Barna and Ernabel talk travel and murder! 

Hilary Davidson, the author of 18 nonfiction books on travel, discusses seeing the world and writing about it.  Hear her interview about visiting cemeteries in New Orleans, uncovering ancient Pompeiian brothels, and what they tell us about the ever-evolving attitudes about death and sex!  Plus, Hilary tells us about her debut crime novel, “The Damage Done,” due in bookstores on October 5. 

And why does Tiger Woods overshadow a historic arms-control agreement and panic on an airliner?  Tune in and listen to the discussion about media priorities and audience demands.


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Culture Wars 3-25-10

Barna and Ernabel are joined by the prolific and award-winning science fiction author Elizabeth Bear.  They discuss the serious side of writing, how science fiction mirrors the most pressing social issues of the day, and how writers interact with their fans through the organized fan community movements.
Plus, would you read a book by the cast members of Jersey Shore?  And can you get arrested for not Twittering?

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Culture Wars 3-11-10

A special episode where Culture Wars and KTHKSHI join forces! Special guest host Jay Figueroa joins Barna for a discussion about the proposed national ID card and laptops used to spy on high school students. Plus, has the Vatican been infiltrated by the minions of Satan? The top exorcist says yes! Download right now and hear more!

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Culture Wars 3-04-10

Barna and Ernabel welcome author and journalist Steve Weddle for a discussion of all things crime - from hard boiled thrillers to clever cozy mysteries, hear about how to write stories about the dangerous side of life.  For authors, mystery fans, and aspiring writers, this is a show you don't want to miss!
Plus, would you want a kid telling your airline pilot what to do on the next take-off?  Are O.J. Simpson, Dennis Rodman, and Ru Paul worthy of celebration during Black History Month?  And for those who think of cheating, there's now a high tech new way to avoid Tiger Woods' fate.

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WSPC Culture Wars 2010-02-18

Barna and Ernabel talk with James D. Agresti, author of the new book Rational Conclusions. Can you scientifically prove the literal truth of the Bible? Tune in and listen to their discussion and read the book.
Plus, looking ahead to what Tiger Woods might say when he reappears, the end of 12th grade, are Ouija boards great gifts for a little girl, and just what might cat stew taste like?

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 WSPC Culture Wars 2010-02-04

Culture Wars is back for a brand new season!

Listen to special guest Keith Stern discuss his new book, "Queers in History." If you want to know all about the famous, the powerful, the wealthy, and the influential who were also gay, bisexual, or transgendered, check out this show and be sure to read the book!

Plus: Barna and Ernabel discuss pending legislation on sexting, controversial Super Bowl ads, and possible medical hoaxes involving near-virgin births and stomach wounds!!

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WSPC Culture Wars 2009-12-03 Culture Wars predicts the future before the new year is here!
Barna and Ernabel talk to acclaimed science fiction novelist Cherie Priest, author of the new book "Boneshaker," about the near future and what artists who envision the future for a living think about the world today and where it's going.
Plus, Universal Health Services CEO Alan Miller, author of "Health Care Reform that Makes Sense," predicts what will happen when Washington votes on new health care legislation.
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WSPC Culture Wars 2009-10-29 The Vampires are Invading!

Barna & Ernabel talk to Leslie Klinger, author of The New Anotated Dracula.

They discuss undead history, the ongoing popularity of vampires and count Dracula, the most enduring monster of all time.
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WSPC Culture Wars 2009-10-08 Dr. Donovan and Professor Demillo are talking with Dr. Paul Levinson about his new book "New Mew Media".

Do twittering, blogging and YouTube scare you?

This is one show that will calm your fears.
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WSPC Culture Wars 2009-09-24 Dr Barna Donovan and Ernabel Demillo talk with Dr. David M. Jacobs, renowned UFOlogist and author of: "Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions"
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 WSPC Culture Wars 2009-09-10

It's the first episode of a new season!

Barna Donovan and Ernabel Demillo start up their war.

What made the summer of 2009 so memorable for media watchers?  From the North Korean hostage drama to Michael Jackson conspiracy theories, Barna and Ernabel recap some of the wildest happening of the last four months.  And they give their two cents' worth on off-the-wall 9/11 conspiracy fantasies too!

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WSPC Culture Wars 2009-05-03 -- Guest Barbara Oakley Dr. Barbara Oakley discusses sociopaths, Machiavellian behavior, the successfully sinister, and talks about her book "Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron Failed, and My Sister Stole My Mother's Boyfriend."
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WSPC Culture Wars 2009-04-30

Presidential historian Nick Ragone [] discusses Barack Obama's first 100 days in office and some of the possible futures of the Obama presidency in the midst of a mini-Depression. 

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WSPC Culture Wars 2009-4-23 Lucie Morillon, executive director of the Washington chapter of Reporters Without Borders discusses the case of journalists imprisoned in Iran, North Korea, and the organization's fight against press censorship around the world.
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WSPC Culture Wars 2009-04-16 The wild world of Young Adult Publishing! Nadia Cornier, literary agent and founder of Firebrand Literary Agency, discusses the sometimes racy and controversial side of publishing for teens.
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WSPC Culture Wars 2009-04-02 Jeff Yang & Perry Shen Discuss Asian superheroes & comic books
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WSPC Culture Wars 2009-03-26 In this podcast:

Paul Levinson - [ ] his blog [ ] on media effects & sexting and
Jennifer B. White "Breaking into Publishing".

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WSPC Culture Wars 2009-02-19 The endless love for Hollywood and the American celebrity culture: The second part of the exclusive Culture Wars discussion with Dr. Karen Sternheimer.
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