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Barna and Joe close the year by having a scary interview with Carla Buckley.  The author of the incredibly suspenseful THE THINGS THAT KEEP US HERE  discusses her research for her novel about a devastating bird flu pandemic.  Just how worried do we really need to be and what should every person have prepared in case the worse happens?  The book might be a work of fiction, but as the interview reveals, the threat is all too real.  Check it out by downloading right now! And read the book!!

Plus, in the spirit of the holiday season, we tell you why the right thing to do right now for joy and to go out and buy some neat stuff!

And who would order up a nice, well-done helping of horse burger?  Maybe with a delicious order of fries?

This may be the last episode of the year, but Culture Wars will be back!

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Barna and Joe ring in Halloween with a discussion of Dracula and classic horror well as some Sherlock Holmes tossed into the mix.  They are joined by Leslie Klinger, author of the new anthology, IN THE SHADOW OF DRACULA, to discuss the Bram Stoker classic and the impact it had on horror and vampire mythology.  Since their guest is also one of the leading scholars of Sherlock Holmes and a technical advisor on the Robert Downey Jr. films, check out this interview for an inside scoop or two on the new film due in theaters later this year!

Plus, the hosts toss some questions out for anyone in college: with a sagging job market, crushing tuition bills and student loans, is a college education still worth the time and money?

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If business headlines weren't frightening enough, Barna and Joe talk to H.T. Narea, author of THE FUND, a new thriller about economic terrorism.  Hear them discuss the troubling state of the global financial system and the very real possibility of terrorists destroying the world economy.

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In a special episode of Culture Wars, Barna talks to Frank Bill, the acclaimed author of CRIMES IN SOUTHERN INDIANA.  Listen to a discussion of the genesis of a hot new novel that had critics calling its author one of the "10 new Steinbecks" on the literay scene today.  If you're a crime-novel fan, a literary fiction fan, or an aspiring author, this interview is not to be missed!

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Culture Wars goes dark as noir when Joe and Barna talk to Michael Ayoob, author of the Shamus Award-winning novel IN SEARCH OF MERCY. Check it out for a discussion of dark crime and reality in entertainment. 

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Barna and Joe are joined by special guest Joelle Charbonneau to discuss her latest Rebecca Robbins mystery, SKATING OVER THE LINE!  Check it out and hear what her quirky characters are up to in the sequel to her debut novel, SKATING AROUND THE LAW, and how the life of an author changes after the publication of her first book.

Plus, Culture Wars wants to know if you're as upset by the Facebook changes as the rest of the world seems to be.  We talk social media and spice up the discussion with some big questions about religion in the post-9/11 world.

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Culture Wars is back for a new season with new topics, new guests, and a new co-host!  Barna is joined by Professor Joe Lamachia and they discuss the legacy of September 11, from the shock and horror of ten years ago, the subsequent flag-waving and patriotism, all the way to conspiracy theories.  

For a discussion of one of the oldest and most devisive conspiracy theories, they are joined by former television producer E. Duke Vincent (Vega$, Dynasty, The Colbys, Beverly Hills 90201, Seventh Heaven, Charmed), the author of the new Kennedy assassination conspiracy novel, THE CAMELOT CONSPIRACY.

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Barna and Ernabel end the spring season talking to Joshua Corin, author of "Before Cain Strikes." Listen to a discussion of how a thriller author crafts the perfect villain, the most compelling hero, and the role of serial killer literature in the time of the Long Island murder investigation.

Plus, has the existence of the Roswell aliens been confirmed by the FBI's "Vault?"  Listen to the Culture Wars team's take on the issue!

And while this show wraps the spring season, Culture Wars will be back!

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Barna and Ernabel are having a devil of a good time on Culture Wars!  Author Shani Petroff discusses her “Bedeviled” series of young adult novels about Angel Garrett, a typical teenager who finds out that her father happens to be the Devil himself.


Plus, we discuss whether sensational cable news reports of Libya are shaping bad policy in Washington, and compare the American and Japanese news coverage of the earthquake and nuclear reactor crisis.


And what makes the fugitive Bronx Zoo cobra such a Twitter celebrity?  Is there really a house in Wales that looks like Hitler’s head?  And should you be extra careful if your best friend’s middle name is Wayne?

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"The Dive" host "Rozzey" Roz Smith joins Barna for a special presentation of Culture Wars. They look at the media's handling of the ongoing crisis in Japan and try to predict what the images of real-life devastation might do to a pop culture landscape in love with 2012 prophecies and the Apocalypse.

Plus, USC sociologist, Dr. Karen Sternheimer, author of the new book "Celebrity Culture and the American Dream: Stardom and Social Mobility," talks about Charlie Sheen and what celebrity news tells us about ourselves and American aspirations.

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Surf's up on Culture Wars! Barna and Ernabel welcome author Jeff Shelby to discuss his mystery novels about surfing private eye Noah Braddock.

The Culture Wars team also talks about how the media should start handling the ubiquitous Charlie Sheen!

Plus, what are bags full of mice doing in Pennsylvania pizzerias?! And if you're doing some job-hunting, just what exactly should you NOT put on a resume?

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Decision making in the oval office carries incredible consequences for the U.S. and the world. Barna and Ernabel welcome political analyst & author Nick Ragone to discuss his new book "Presidential Leadership: 15 Decisions That Changed The Nation."

Plus, violence against reporters in the U.S., is prank-calling the governor of Wisconsin similar to undercover journalism, and decide whether or not it's a good idea for a restaurant to make jokes about the Jonestown massacre in its advertising. 

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"Author/professor Fatima Shaik joins Barna and Ernabel to discuss her research into a little-known part of the history of the civil rights struggle in Louisiana.  Hear them discuss who free people of color were and how they formed the Economy Society.


“Plus, Barna and Ernabel discuss reporters in the line of fire in the Middle East protests,  the Lara Logan sexual assault case, and what is an is not appropriate for teachers to blog about.  And why should all committed Robocop fans soon plan a trip toDetroit?”

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The paranormal invades Culture Wars! Barna and Ernabel welcome author John Hornor Jacobs to the show to talk about his new book, "Southern Gods." Be sure and check out what Lovecraftian Southern Gothic literature is all about and the new spin this book will bring to some of the most popular supernatural literary conventions.

And we also take a look at AOL's acquisition of the Huffington Post. What are the implications for a new age of online news and the future of the reporting profession?

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